I’m 21 and I’m lost. | A Rant

I turned 21 about 3 weeks ago and all was great. I can buy alcohol myself, I can get into clubs and more things. But as I have approached 21, I feel like I haven’t done a damn thing with my life and I have been in full fledge panic mode for 3 weeks straight.

I look at all the other 21 year old and I feel so small. They’ve accomplished so much so young and I haven’t not a single thing to my name. Being a mother on top of that makes matters worse. When am I ever going to see the bright side of life? When is the struggle going to end? I’m freaking out here!

I still have my sliver of hope. I’m not a total lost cause. I’m still attempting college but I am very much behind. I was supposed to graduate this year but the process is taking longer.

This is just a rant on how bad I feel at 21. My life is nowhere near together and I feel the pressure of being success caving in on me everyday. Does it get better?

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